We offer commercial led lighting upgrades under the VEU rebate program.

    We are energy efficiency specialists who upgrade commercial spaces (big and small) to free LED lights for businesses across Victoria under the Victorian Energy Efficiency (VEU) program. We offer end-to-end energy solutions, from free on-site assessments and installations to subsidy submissions to help lower your power bills and greenhouse gas emissions.

    Illuminate AU is an Australian -owned and operated company.

    Since the inception, the company has been working under Victorian Energy Upgrade, VEU scheme (previously VEET) to help Australian businesses and households switch to energy-efficient lighting products that save money on energy bills while availing benefits of subsidies.

    By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving water, and creating local jobs, Illuminate AU works to improve the social, economic, and environmental well-being of the Australian community. We care about our customers by providing them with exceptional customer service across various channels, and about creating a sustainable future.

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    We are proud to oversee the Australian government’s vision to revolutionize the current energy efficiency project, as well as the implementation of renewable energy where needed.

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