1. How does the emerald EMS app monitor energy usage via Electricity Advisor?

Smart meters enable customers to take a deeper dive in to when and how they are using electricity.
Interactive devices such as in-home displays (Electricity Advisor) provide real-time information about your electricity consumption.
Electricity Advisor monitors an optical port on the front of your electricity smart meter (a flashing impulse light), and via a remote Bluetooth connection, sends electricity usage data directly and securely to your smartphone or device. As Bluetooth connection is used, Electricity Advisor will automatically connect to your smart device or phone whenever it is in range, ensuring you receive the most up to date information related to your electricity usage via the emerald EMS app.


The Victorian government energy upgrades scheme (VEU) provides support to all Victorian households with the installation and upgrade of energy efficient technology to help reduce energy costs and greenhouse emissions. emerald Electricity Advisor is a VEU approved product, and can therefore be installed for FREE.

3. How much can I save?

emerald EMS has the potential to provide significant savings to your household, primarily through raising awareness of your usage. It is estimated that emerald EMS could save an average household anywhere from 5% to 15% off your electricity bills. We recommend you act on the intelligent savings recommendations and tips provided in the emerald EMS app. The exact savings are also dependent on your household demographics and current electricity usage levels.
5 . Is Electricity Advisor compatible with all electricity meters?
Electricity Advisor can be installed on all smart (digital) electricity meters. Unfortunately, the Electricity Advisor is not compatible with older style electricity meters that use manual or spinning disk technology.

4. How can I save money using emerald EMS?

emerald EMS offers you a unique opportunity to save money and energy through awareness, by equipping you with the relevant information to make significant changes to your electricity usage behaviours and create a more energy efficient home.
Some of the features of emerald EMS include:
a. Data & Graphs
Easy to read and understand data and graphs, highlighting how much electricity your home is using, and the relevant costs associated with your usage.
b. Smart Energy Budget 
An essential tool that can assist you to reduce your monthly electricity usage through goal setting spend and usage targets.
c. Electricity Alerts
Receive energy usage alerts when you reach 75%, 100% & 125% of your energy budget target.
d. Weekly Reports
View and download your weekly report in-app.
e. New Energy-Saving Technologies
The peace of mind knowing that you will be the first to know about new energy-saving opportunities.

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